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AQROMA Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser Product Demo

AQROMA’s best seller – Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser™ is the perfect partner for your yoga or spa sessions at home, or simply pop it in bedroom to help you sleep better.

With 2.4MHz Japanese ultrasonic technology, the sound wave (a sound energy beyond human audibility) breaks up water into extremely fine visible mist that moisturises air and relieves breathing difficulties.

The diffuser also allows the aroma of your AQROMA essential oils to float in the air to soothe your mood, relieve stress and even hydrate dry skin. You can cycle through our seven colour lights or choose the one that best creates your desired mood and ambience.

Made from genuine Acacia wood with natural deviations in its appearance, each Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser™ has its unique patterns and characteristics and offers an exquisite way to fill your space with the scents you love.

– Gently diffuses water and essential oils with 2.4MHz ultrasonic technology
– Cover made with natural Acacia wood
– Water reservoir made with BPA-free plastic
– Timer can be selected from 0.5 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours+
– Seven mood-enhancing colour lights can be selected from red, blue, green, purple, yellow, light blue, white or auto changing cycle
– Safety feature shuts off automatically when time has ended or water has run out

1. Connect power adapter to the base of water reservoir
2. Add 100ml of water (and then 3-5 drops of your choice of essential oil*) to the water reservoir. Do NOT exceed the Max Fill Line
3. Put on the nozzle and cover
4. Set timer and select your desired LED light mode

*The best-recommended dose requires attention to the effects on the body. If strong effects desired, increase gradually. You cannot overdose, but begin your experience with discretion.

We recommend cleaning your diffuser once a week or whenever you change the selection of essential oils.

For regular cleaning, simply use a cotton swab dipped in warm water to gently wipe the inside of the water reservoir. For deep cleaning, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to break up the oil on the ultrasonic disc located in the middle of the water reservoir. Do not push hard on the ultrasonic disc.

To extend the life of your Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser™, please be certain NOT to use fragrance oils. Fragrance oils are artificially created and do not offer the same therapeutic benefits as essential oils. Fragrance oils would clog the ultrasonic disc quite easily and limit the vibrations that produce mist.

To avoid build-up, please do not let water or oil inside the unit when not in use. Over time, mineral or oil build-up on the ultrasonic disc can decrease the effectiveness of your diffuser.

– Plug Type: Type G (UK – 3 pins grounded)
– Power Supply: DC 24V 500mA-12W
– Frequency: 2.4 MHz ±1
– Working Temperature: 0 to 40°C
– Water Capacity: 90 to 100ml
– Mist Capacity: 18 to 25ml/hour

– Auria Ultrasonic Diffuser™ (⌀9.2 x H18.5 cm)
– Power Adapter
– Measuring Cup
– User Guide


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