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Before & After a Keratin Hair Treatment for Guys With Wild Hair – Men's Long Hairstyles

Looking for keratin hair treatment before and after shots? Look no further lol. If you are a guy with long crazy wild hair then you are going to absolutely love this.

Also, if you are keen to see my skin care treatments as well as my keratin treatment, head to 5:24 in this video to see that. Now where, was I? Oh yeah, keratin treatments!

For a while now I’ve been getting a keratin hair treatment every 3 to 6 months to help make my hair far more manageable and haven’t really found another anti frizz product like it on the market. Although a keratin treatment can seem costly, it’s actually so worth it once you see the results (as featured in this video).

Note: Some people think you go and get keratin for straight hair but that’s not actually the case. A keratin hair treatment is simply designed to relax the cuticle to give it more of a softer and workable texture. Depending on how long you leave the keratin treatment on your hair will depict how relaxed it goes.

In terms of treatment times, you have 3 options with the XT keratin treatment I get.
You can leave it on for:
1. 30 minutes. A keratin treatment on natural hair is great for the 30 minute time frame as it allows you to diminish frizz but still keep those gorgeous curls.

2. 45 minutes. The 45 minute keratin treatment is great from turning a tight curl into a voluminous wave.

3. 1 hour. The 1 hour treatment will completely kill frizz and leave curling hair with a nice soft wave.

There is no such thing as a “keratin straightening treatment”. A permanent straightening treatment is called a chemical straighten and in my opinion is absolutley the worst idea because it actually breaks the structural bonds of your hair and prevents them from returning to their natural state.

A keratin treatment on the other hand leaves your structural bonds exactly the way they are and slowly over time reverts back to the exact way it was before you got the keratin treatment done.

Another thing to note is you should never perform a keratin hair treatment at home, unless a hair dresser is doing it for you. Hair these treatments are very technical in terms of application and setting, so doing it on your own is the perfect set up for a keratin treatment gone wrong. On top of that, most keratin treatment suppliers only sell to salons and this is the exact reason.

In terms of how long the treatment lasts will depend on what you do with it. If you swim in the ocean a lot or use a lot of product, your treatment will wear off a lot quicker. However if you don’t do all of the previously mentioned, you can get anywhere up to 3 months of smoothness from your keratin treatment.

The cost of a keratin hair treatment can also vary greatly. In Australia you can expect to pay anywhere from 300 to 600 dollars depending on the brand of keratin and the salon you go to. On the other hand though I have heard from many of my subscribers that keratin treatments in the united states are far treatment and fall anywhere from 50 to 150 dollars.

It all comes down to the research you do and I would highly recommend asking a hair dresser you trust before you just go and get a keratin treatment.

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Thank you so much for coming to watch this video

Yours in good hair,


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