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Diamond Microdermabrasion Tutorial

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Hi Lovelies!
After months of having a slightly dry and problematic skin i decided to contact Lena Edberg of Västermalms Hudvård in Stockholm Kungsholmen to book myself in for a recommended treatment of Diamond Microdermabrasion.

The diamonds are fixed to the microdermabrasion wand which is used to perform the procedure. The small diamonds essentially scrape the surface layers of the skin off leaving fresh and smooth skin.

Immediately after my skin felt so moisturised, and it was taking in my night and day serum much better than usual. My skin looked and felt very radiant and the dullness and dryness i felt previously completely disappeared after the procedure.

Lena works in her clinic in stockholm and you can check her out and book your times via the link below:

I felt very safe in her hands and the atmosphere was very warm and caring.

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