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Kybella for Facial Slimming & Jawline Contour

In this video we explore the use of Kybella for facial slimming and illustrate the use for Jawline Contour and Double Chin Reduction.

We do not yet have Kybella before & afters for the facial slimming treatment, watch through the end for before & afters of the Jawline Contour Treatment and Double Chin Reduction.

Kybella is a fat melting injection approved for double chin. You can think of it as a detergent that eats away and dissolves fat, similar to dishwashing liquid cutting grease. I often use Kybella for jawline contouring in combination with fillers in the jawline.

It often times requires multiple sessions for best results, with treatments every 4-6 weeks.

Although it is considered non-invasive and less risky, it’s not exactly without downtime. Swelling, tenderness, and bruising do occur. Swelling can be intense in some and may linger for longer than a week. This product produces an inflammatory reaction after the injection leads to skin tightening. Full results may take months.


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