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Microcurrent Bio-Lift Pro Unboxing, Assembly, and Use

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00:34 Unboxing the unit
00:49 All items in the kit
01:54 Testing the unit
04:45 Control panel in depth
06:20 Microcurrent handles preparation
07:30 Basic microcurrent treatment demonstration
11:52 Treatment packages
12:20 Cleaning and sterilizing the Bio-Lift and Microcurrent handles
12:59 Optional Magic Gloves demonstration
15:54 Cleaning and sanitizing the Magic Gloves
16:16 Optional personal Microcurrent Mask demonstration
18:16 Cleaning and sanitizing the Microcurrent Mask

This video covers everything from unboxing to assembling and using the Microcurrent Bio-Lift Pro. There is even a basic facial demonstration.

We hope our customers can use the video to familiarize themselves with the unit and fall in love with its features.


аппараты микротоковой терапииаппараты микротоковой терапии
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